The commissioned writing services that we offer are varied and designed in such a way that they can be perfectly adapted to fit your needs.

It is possible to request the COMPLETE WRITING of a literary work, which can be FICTION or NONFICTION, or you can request our WRITING MENTORING service or even DEVELOPMENTAL ADVICE.

With the COMPLETE WRITING service , you hire a professional author who will be in charge of writing your book without you having to make any effort in this regard.

With the WRITING MENTORING service, you hire a certain number of mentorship sessions with one professional who has the capacity to guide and advise you on the realization of your work, but it is you who is responsible for content writing yourself.

With the DEVELOPMENT CONSULTATION service, you require continuous advice on your literary work, so that you, together with the person in charge of said work, cooperate and collaborate on the task of developing your book. In summary, with this option you have the constant support of our professionals in everything related to your project (although the name, authorship and rights remain only yours).

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Which of these three ways of approaching the writing of your book best suits your needs?

Choose the option you prefer and… let’s go for it!

Or…do you need the TRANSLATION SERVICE instead? We also provide this work!